Chase Park , 4701 N Ashland Ave, Chicago,Il 60640            

Thorndale Gym, 1246 N. Thorndale Ave, Chicago, IL, 60660

(at the Chicago Friends School)

Willye B. White Park, 1610 Howard St, Chicago, IL, 60626

Note: We do not keep offices at these locations. To visit us, please check out

 our class schedule, and see us at Chase Park, Willye White Park  or

Thorndale Gym.

Wolfgang Bientzle


(312) 375-5264 


​​Chase Park                                Thorndale Gym

                                                     (Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church)

4701 N. Ashland Ave.               1244 W. Thorndale Ave

Chicago, IL 60640                    Chicago, Il 60660

Willye B. White Park

1610 W. Howard St.

Chicago, IL 60626