Competitive Wheel Classes 

Due to the City and State's implementation of new mitigation rules, we can no longer have sport or recreational classes. 


Even though the new rules do NOT affect most of our classes and not our after-school program, the program classifies as "child care," which is not affected by the new regulations; we have to obey those rules.


The classes the new rules relate to are competitive wheel classes. However, it doesn't mean a total shut down. We are still allowed to have private lessons as well as individual training. 

To be in line with the new regulations we the setup works as follows: 

Private lessons:  

Participants will warm-up (alone) downstairs in the multifunction room or in the hallway BEFORE their respective time slot. After the warm-up, the participant has its 30-45 min lesson depending on how many hours he/she has signed up for.  

Please be aware that private lessons are shorter because it is 1on1 coaching and, therefore, more intensive. The 30-45 min private lesson has the same if not a better result as a regular 2-hour class.

Individual training:

 We are allowed to host up to 8 people for individual training.  That means each participant uses one wheel lane (6ft away from anyone else) to practice. There won't be any interaction between the participants.  The coach present has to make sure that everybody is safe and follows the rules regarding covid19. 


Please let Wolfgang and Jesse know what will work best for your family. We are taking all precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

This class is for students who have already mastered the basics and intermediate skills and are ready to train at a higher level and to prepare for national and international wheel gymnastics competitions. 

Instructor permission is required

Competitive Wheel Gymnastics All (Level I)

Bientzle, Wolfgang, Jesse Dascola

Thorndale Gym

Sun 1:30PM -3:30PM

Mon 6:00PM -7:00PM

Competitive Wheel Gymnastics All (Level II)

Bientzle, Wolfgang, Jesse Dascola

Thorndale Gym

Sun 1:30PM -3:30PM

Mon 6:00PM -7:00PM


Competitive Wheel Gymnastics All (Level III)

Bientzle, Wolfgang

Thorndale Gym

Sun 1:30PM -3:30PM

Mon 6:00PM -7:00PM

Note: To access the competitive schedule, and to register, you'll first need to create an account with iClassPro (our new booking site) and then send us a note in the #competitivetraining Slack channel. 


Wolfgang Bientzle


(312) 375-5264

Jesse Dascola

USA Wheel Logistics Coordinator
(312) 810 - 2796

Victor Cerda 


Supervising Tutor 

Christian Ochsner 

Attorney, LL.M.

Administration and Accounting



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