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AfterSchool Program

Gym Wheel and HOMEWorks'

Gym Wheel and HomeWork is a unique after-school program that combines fun and healthy physical work on the Gym Wheel taught by high-skilled coaches with educational development provided by capable tutors.

Gym Wheel and HomeWork’s mission is to help each kid in the program to:

  • Have personal goals that they are excited to reach

  • Learn the importance of hard work

  • Feel that they are good at something

  • Trust and respect themselves and the people around

  • Be part of a group where they feel comfortable and appreciated

  • Rolling admission

  • Flexible scheduling 1-5 days/week, 3 pm - 5 pm or 6 pm

  • Pick-up is available from your child’s school within a 2.5-mile radius                                                                           of our gym (located at Magnolia and Thorndale)

  • Financial help available

  • Homework help available


Gym Wheel and HomeWork’s mission will be accomplished by teaching kids the sport and art of Wheel Gymnastics and providing them with academic support, with the final goal of having healthy, fit, and hard-working students.

The gym Wheel is an excellent discipline for kids because it does not require a lot of skills or physical conditioning to master the basics. With all the benefits of a non-high-impact sport, Gym Wheel is perfect for balancing balance, strength, and flexibility. In addition, gym Wheel allows students to work out, have fun, compete, and perform all in one.

To succeed, the Gym Wheel and HomeWork program provides:

  • One coach between five and ten students

  • One tutor for every four students

  • Three to four different-sized wheels, depending on the number of participants in the class.

Daily schedule:
  • Pick-up from your child’s school if requested (no additional fee)

  • Free play

  • Snack

  • Circle up (community building, games, warm-up)

  • Juggling, acrobatics, and more – no previous experience needed!

  • Instruction in various circus activities, including gym wheel,                                                                                aerials, mini-trampoline, giant trampoline, JuGGLING

  • Homework help option

  • Parent/Guardian pick-up at 5 pm or 6 pm

Program Coordinator Afterschool

Charlotte Czerny Ed. D, Supervising Tutor 

SPRING  Session school year 2024 from April 02 to June 07, 2024

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