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Afterschool Program

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Details, Fees and Registration


Gym Wheel and HomeWork is a unique after-school program that combines fun and healthy physical work on the Gym Wheel.

Gym Wheel and HomeWork’s mission is to help each kid in the program to:

  • Have personal goals that they are excited to reach

  • Learn the importance of hard work

  • Feel that they are good at something

  • Trust and respect themselves and the people around

  • Be part of a group where they feel comfortable and appreciated,

​Course I. includes pick up from your children's school (2.5-mile range), snacks, and supervised circus activities, including acrobatics, gym wheel, aerials, juggling, and circus games.
Course II. includes afterschool homework assistance provides a structured and supportive space for homework time in the "princess tower."​​

Fulltime and part-time after-school program


  • The daily hours are from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm or 6:00 pm.

  • The minimum hour of attendance for full-time and part-time is 2 hours per day.

Course I (*the fee for course II is shown in brackets) 

  • The standard hourly rate is $15 (*$17.00).

  • The rates for 3 hours per day are generally reduced from $45 to $40 for course I and $51 to $45 for course II.

  • Commitment to three school days per week (6 to 9 hours) from 3 pm to 5 pm or 6 pm grants you an extra discount of 5%. If you commit to 4 school days (8 to 12 hours), we will give you an extra discount of 7.5%, and your commitment to five school days per week (10 to 15 hours) gives you an additional discount of 10%.

  • On top of it, you will receive an extra 5% if the fee is paid entirely for two semesters on the first day of the first semester. If you pay for three semesters or the entire school year, you’ll receive an extra discount of 10%.

  • We will apply the discount after your registration. 

  • Under certain circumstances, we also offer monthly payments for an additional fee; please ask for it. However, we reserve the right to refuse partial payments without further justification.




We follow the CPS calendar for the school day count and blackout days, such as national holidays, school-off days, breaks, and summer vacations. Please check the CPS calendar.

Additional hours will be charged $17.00 ($19.00) per hour and added to your account.

​Drop-In afterschool program

  • The daily hours are from 3 pm to 5 pm or 6 pm, prorated for two hours each day and billed per drop-in day.

  • The standard hourly rate is $17.00 ($19.00),

  • The minimum hour of attendance for drop-ins is two hours per day.

  • Pick-up from school is not available for the drop-in after-school program.

  • Please register for a drop-in at least 24h ahead.

Registration through the customer portal site by filling out and submitting one of the forms below.

If your kid can’t attend, please send your email solely to only  

Please be aware that registrations typically need to be made at least 24h ahead of time or in case of an emergency until 8 am the same day; however, we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs, but we can’t guarantee it.

Blackout Dates

  1. Our blackout dates are according to the CPS calendar for the relevant school year; however, we will adjust those days according to your request and your kid's school calendar if necessary.

  2. ​​​The new fee schedule became effective on March 09, 2023. All agreements, arrangements, classes, and courses we have in place with schools or groups of parents will remain unrelated.

  3. ​Due to our modified pricing scheme (March 09, 2023) resulting in more favorable fees, our siblings' discount is no longer applicable.


Afterschool payment, cancellation, and refund policy: 

  • Payment:  The balance is due at the time of registration. Your spot is not guaranteed until payment is received. Children with outstanding charges will not participate in the afterschool program. Monthly payment for full-time aftercare only after consultation can be arranged. 


Cancellation and Refund Policy:

  • Payment is non-refundable. Cancellations made two weeks in advance can be credited to future CirquesExperience programming. Cancellations made one week in advance may be applied as credits for future CE programming. Cancellations less than a week in advance are discretionary. If your child is unable to attend camp, please get in touch with the CirquesExperience office at least 24 hours ahead by sending an email to


Hours: Our daily hours are from 3 pm to  5 pm or 6 pm 

  • You must sign out your child at pick-up. We have a grace period of ten minutes after the hour to pick up your kid.

  • Between ten min and twenty minutes late, we charge $10.00; 

  • After twenty minutes, we charge the full fee of $17.00, $19.00, or $20.00 per hour.

We understand that being late can sometimes be out of our hands. That's why we have a grace period of 10min free of charge. If you are late more often, add an hour. ​​

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