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Int. Educational and Cultural Exchange Program 


Located in Chicago CirquesExperience has welcomed people of all ages to participate in various programs and activities. Since its foundation in 2011, the program has offered German wheel and cyr wheel, aerial silks, static trapeze, trampoline, partner acrobatics, juggling, and many more.

Over time, they started to run camps during winter and spring break as well as day camps.

In addition, CirquesExperience offers competitive classes for the German wheel and four advancing-level courses to help their students excel in wheel gymnastics.


CircArtive is located close to Stuttgart in the South of Germany and offers professional education in the circus field. Students ranging from age 15 to age 21 can receive a formally recognized education as circus artists or trainers. The premises offers two main training facilities with a total of sixty-four rigging points for aerial acrobatics, a flying trapeze, a Russian cradle, a trampoline wall, and unlimited space for all kinds of circus disciplines such as object manipulation, cyr wheel, equilibristics, handstand, and acrobatics. During the holiday CircArtive students get to advise circus camps and develop their educational skills.

CirquesExperience and CircArtive work together to create new connections aiming toward a long-term partnership. As part of this cooperation, we aim to organize regular youth exchanges for 2-3 weeks. During this exchange, CirquesExperience students get the chance to participate in the educational program for circus youth trainers run by Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft (BAG) Zirkuspaedagogik (Federal Working Group (BAG) Circus Education (Pedagogy). 

Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft (BAG) Zirkuspaedagogik e.V

Additionally, CircArtive offers the opportunity to participate in a one-year training course to become a formally recognized circus trainer. CircArtive students can train with CirquesExperience during a three-month stay in Chicago. The goal of the exchange is to promote cultural understanding as well as strengthen international relationships within the modern circus.

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