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Cirques Experience Circus arts performers are the way to make your parade more colorful, fun, and festive. 

The visual elements of a circus arts parade are a big part of the fun. We provide performers with colorful costumes and props that showcase their skills and add to the festive atmosphere.

A circus arts parade includes a variety of performers; our primary focus is on the Gym Wheel and the Giant Wheel; additional performers as stilt walkers and jugglers, aerialists, and clowns on demand.  We help you to find the correct number of performers and the type of acts you want to include.

Safety: Safety is always our top priority. We ensure that performers are trained and experienced in their acts and that our safety equipment is maintained correctly.

A CirquesExperience Circus Arts participation in your parade is a fun and unique way to showcase performers and entertain audiences and an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

For more information, contact:

Wolfgang at +1 (312) 375-5264

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