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Birthday Events

CirquesExperience offers an exciting and unforgettable circus arts-themed birthday party for kids aged five to thirteen. The event occurs at the "Thorndale Gym" at 5944 N Magnolia Ave, Chicago, Il 60640. The party is filled with age-appropriate circus activities, including juggling, acrobatics, hula-hooping, clowning, Gym Wheel, and aerial silks, ensuring the children will have a blast and create lasting memories.

The venue is transformed into a festive circus setting with colorful balloons, streamers, and other circus-themed decorations. However, if you have a specific theme in mind, the option to customize the decorations is available.

In terms of refreshments, cold beverages such as bottled water and juice are provided for the kids. As for the food, you have the choice to bring your own, or CirquesExperience can arrange for pizza at your request and expense.

Safety is of utmost importance, and trained adults closely supervise circus activities. Additionally, all necessary safety equipment will be available to ensure the well-being of the children throughout the event.

The price for the circus arts-themed birthday party is based on the duration and the number of kids:

Number of Attendees:  15 - 19  (20-24)  (25-29) (30-34)

Price for 2 hours: $ 418 ($528) ($609) ($680)

Price for 2.5 hours: $522.50 ($660) ($761.25) ($850)

Price for 3 hours: $627 ($792) ($913.50) ($1020); 

This fee covers the activities and venue. However, additional costs may apply for food and any other special requests you might have.

Overall, a CirquesExperience circus arts-themed birthday party promises to be a unique and enjoyable experience for your child, leaving them with wonderful memories of their special day.

For more information, contact 

Christian at +1 (847) 305-4404 ext. 101 or email to

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