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Family Portal

The FAMILY PORTAL is a secure and direct link from our website to our booking and payment site.  When you become a member off the FAMILY PORTAL we will update your CirquesExperience membership login credentials to allow you to access this link.  You will have the convenience of seeing available Classes, Camps, Competitions and being able to book them directly.

To join the Family Portal simply click on the "Join Us" button below and another window will open on our booking site and ask you for the initial details and to create a User ID.  Once you have joined please click the SEND USERID button below with your newly created USERID and the requested details and we will promptly give you this live link.

Create a membership on our Booking site:

If you get stuck creating your Id or you have forgotten your password.  Click the button here to request a password reset:



Thank you. We’ll get back to you shortly.

- childcare
- Circus Wheel,- Circus Training,- Aerial Silks,- supervised circus activities including acrobatics

- childcare - Circus Wheel - Circus Training - Aerial Silks - supervised circus activities including acrobatics

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