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Katie Cook

Aerial Coach

Katie is a dancer and performer from Charlotte, North Carolina. She received her BA in Dance Performance, Choreography, and Theory from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Katie has been immersed in the world of performing for as long as she can remember, but took her first step into the world of circus arts in 2019 when she was introduced to cyr wheel. From that moment, she found a new joy in merging her passion for dance with the wheel. After moving to Chicago in 2020 she completed the Actor’s Gymnasium Professional Training Program and has continued to train in the aerial arts since.

She has always had a love for helping students grow in their art and has been teaching dance since 2018. Now, she encourages that growth through exploration in aerial arts. When she isn’t training, performing, or teaching she continues to help dancers on their journey as a pointe shoe fitter.

Katie Cook
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