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Gym Wheel
Aerial Arts and Dance
Gym Wheel
Wheel thru the season - the year end show

What is ...

 Aerial Arts and Dance 

Aerial arts and dance refer to a type of performance that incorporates aerial acrobatics and dance elements, typically performed suspended from rigging or aerial equipment such as ropes, silks, aerial hoops, and trapezes. These performances often showcase strength, grace, flexibility, and artistry as performers execute aerial stunts and movements while incorporating dance elements such as fluid movements and fluid transitions between aerial skills.

Aerial arts and dance can be performed in various settings, including theaters, circuses, and concert venues. They are physically demanding disciplines that require high skill, strength, and coordination. To perform aerial arts and dance safely, performers typically undergo extensive training, which can include learning techniques for climbing, wrapping, and performing aerial tricks, as well as proper spotting techniques and safety protocols.

The popularity of aerial arts and dance has increased recently, with performances featuring aerialists becoming a staple of many theatrical and circus productions. It is also gaining recognition as a legitimate dance form, with aerial dance companies and schools emerging worldwide.

 Gym Wheel and Cyr Wheel


Gym and Cyr Wheel are both gymnastic and dance equipment forms that have recently gained popularity.

The Gym Wheel, also known as a Rhonrad or German Wheel, is a large, circular metal frame in which gymnasts perform acrobatics and stunts. It resembles a giant wheel and requires high balance, coordination, and strength to perform tricks and stunts. Gym Wheel routines involve rolling, spinning, and acrobatics such as flips, balances, and handstands.

The Cyr Wheel, a Mono Wheel, is a large metal ring performed on and manipulated by a single performer. The Cyr Wheel requires high skill, strength, and coordination, as the performer uses their body to control the wheel's movement and perform various stunts and tricks. Cyr Wheel routines typically involve spinning, rolling, and fluid movements and are often performed to music.

The Gym and Cyr Wheel have become popular performance tools in contemporary circus and dance productions and gymnastics competitions. They require a high level of training and skill to perform and have become a showcase for performers' strength, grace, and athleticism.

Schedules and Levels

Beginner classes:

  • A Beginner has just started learning to do something and cannot do it well yet.

Advanced 1 level:

  • A skillset.  This level is only available upon invitation by the coach. We are further developing the technique.

Advanced 2 Level:

  • This level is only available upon invitation by the coach. A well-rounded educational set to perform in our end-of-the-year” Wheel thru the Season “Spectacular.

 Circus Arts

Circus arts are performing arts traditionally associated with circuses and variety shows. Circus arts encompass various skills and disciplines, including acrobatics, aerial arts, juggling, contortion, balancing acts, and clowning.

Circus arts have a long history, with roots that can be traced back to ancient civilizations. Throughout history, circuses have been a source of entertainment, featuring skilled performers who showcase their abilities in various acts. In the modern era, circuses have evolved to include diverse performers and acts, from traditional acrobatics to contemporary circuses that feature cutting-edge aerial arts and technology.

Circus arts are a physically demanding discipline that requires performers to undergo extensive training and preparation. Many circus artists come from a gymnastics or dance background and must develop a high level of strength, flexibility, and coordination to perform the required skills and acts.

Despite their physically demanding nature, circus arts continue to be popular entertainment and inspiration for audiences worldwide. Whether performed in a traditional circus setting or as part of a contemporary production, circus arts showcase performers' strength, skill, and creativity and provide a unique and captivating form of entertainment.

 Competitive Wheel 

Wheel Jam Competitive Classes - for children, teens, and adults. Wheel gymnastics is an international competitive sport governed by the IRV (International Rhoenrad Verband www. wheel gymnastics. sport). Some members of our program represent TEAM USA at international events, including the World Championships. We offer four advanced classes to help our students excel in the sport and art of wheel gymnastics.



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