Welcome Parents

Your kid only has so many years before adulthood, so make them count by sending them to CirquesExperience. Here you will find everything you need to sign up. We’re here to answer any questions.

Gym Wheels



Day Camps = $70

Summer Camp = $285 per week 

- 7 weeks = $1795

Spring Break = $285 per week

Winter Break  = $285 per week 




you will find the fee for all our classes right here:

Workshop, Fieldtrips and Events

Price is subject to individual Agreement and per request.

Healthy & Safety


CLOTHING: Wear comfortable clothes that allow for free movement. As you will be going upside down on the wheels and aerial equipment, please wear shirts that don't ride up, or that can be tucked in. Hair should be pulled neatly and securely away from the face so that it stays up – distraction-free - for the entire


FOOTWEAR: Aerials are performed in socks or bare feet; all other classes require gym shoes. Any gym shoes will do, but most seasoned wheelers prefer a shoe with a flat heel and a snug fit for Wheel JAM. A right, easily accessible choice is any brand of the classic canvas (Converse-type) shoes.



Please do not wear jewelry or watches, or clothing with zippers or jewels, as these things can snag and cause damage to the silks. Dangling jewelry can also distract when going upside down on wheels. Again, please do not wear bows or other large hair ornaments that may cause discomfort during activity.



You may want to bring a water bottle, although drinking fountains are available outside the gyms. Please do not get chewing gum, as it can be a tacky mess or a choking hazard.


Drop-off /Pickup rules and safety procedures regarding COVID19 and according to the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois

Valid for all regular classes, camps, before and after-care.

Drop-off is just outside the entrance on 5944 N Magnolia Ave; a counselor will bring them inside. Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes early; if you drop off the children more than 15 min earlier, we will charge you $20 for before care.

Pickup is just outside the entrance on 5944 N Magnolia Ave. We kindly ask the parents to wait in front of the gate; a counselor will bring them to each parent. Please do not show up more than 15 minutes early, respectively, 15 minutes late. We will charge you $20 for after-care.


There’s a few details to take care of before sending your child off to CirquesExperience. Please read all sections carefully to ensure everything goes smoothly.