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Xmas show

Join the "rolltastic" Xmas Show  "Wheel thru the Season," a holiday spectacular.   Wheel acrobatics and gymnastics with music in the spirit of this particular season!

Volunteer with Us!

xmas show
 Tickets from $15.00 to $60.00
  • Adult Single Ticket $25.00
  • Child Single Ticket $15.00 (5-14)
  • Family of Three $40.00
    Family of Four $50.00
  • Family of Five $60.00

Parents, Friends, and Supporters
We're calling on all hands to ensure "Wheel thru the Season" shines brighter than last year.

Please let us know which area you'd like to contribute to and when you’re available. Feel free to reach out to Wolfgang or Jana with your preferences., or

or fill out our contact form 


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