Victor Cerda 

Supervising Tutor 

The University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana                                                                 08/2006-5/2010

                Chick Evans Full Merit Scholar

                Bachelor of Science – Psychology (Early Childhood Development)


Chicago Public Schools and Private Tutoring Center                                                        12/2010-04/2012   

                Bilingual Assistant of Children with Special Needs

The John Marshall Law School                                                                                                 01/2013- 01/2016

                Juris Doctor

CirquesExperience | Chicago WheelJAM

                Performer and Coach                                                                                                     9/2018-Present




After obtaining his degree in Psychology, with a focus on early childhood development, Victor worked with children with special needs in Chicago Public Schools. He managed a tutoring center focused on written and online literacy. After practicing law for several years, Victor is now returning to education to provide families the option for in-person instruction and creative arts through athletics.

In CirqueWorks, students will follow their own school’s remote curriculum. They will be provided in-person tutoring and guidance with all course materials. Their work will be reviewed and properly submitted before leaving daily. The students will also be offered to support literacy programs to bolster their core curriculum skills. Each student will have an individualized education plan formulated in accordance with family preference or school required curriculum. As an incentive to in-person learning and participation, students will be encouraged to participate in competitive and creative arts athletic programs.


Wolfgang Bientzle


(312) 375-5264

Jesse Dascola

USA Wheel Logistics Coordinator
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Victor Cerda 


Supervising Tutor 

Christian Ochsner 

Attorney, LL.M.

Administration and Accounting



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