What is Wheel Gymnastics?
Wheel Gymnastics is a competitive gymnastic discipline, invented in Germany in 1925. 
The sport is organized in about 30 countries, with an estimated 50,000 participants worldwide. 
The sport engages the whole body but is low impact at the same time. At the highest level, male and female gymnasts usually compete until their mid-twenties, with their prime time in the early twenties. At a recreational level, you can do wheel gymnastics at all ages; the oldest competitive gymnast is currently 86 years old, the youngest students in Chicago start with five years
CirquesExperience Chicago WheelJAM is the first organized competitive and recreational program in the USA. CE offers classes for ages 5-18 and 18+. The oldest student currently in Chicago is 75.
Wheel Gymnastics Explanation


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Founder and Head Coach, Wolfgang Bientzle, performing on the Gym Wheel. (credit: Rentasportstar)
Programs Director, Jackson Masada, demonstrates the three disciplines of competitive Gym Wheel. (credit: Jackson Masada)


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