2020 Spring Classes

Except for our competitive and special needs classes, our spring  session runs
from Monday, January 6th to Monday, March 30th, 2020.

This winter we are offering classes in

Cyr Wheel, Gym Wheel, Aerials and Circus Arts

We teach at schools in and around Chicago, and at three locations open to the general public. 

We offer classes for all ages, ranging from our Mom-or-Dad & Tot classes for 2 - 3 year olds,

all the way up to classes for adults, as well as classes for special needs.

Check out our offerings and find the class that suits you best.


We invite you to join the fun!

Note: Most class prices are per Session.

The majority of our programs for the Winter 2020 session run from Mondayday, January 6th
to Monday, March 30th

Introductory and Beginner Classes

A fun introduction to the world of wheel and the circus arts for you and your children!
  • Tots                  2-3 years old
  • Preschoolers  3-5 years old


Participants are introduced to the basics of wheel – the foundational tricks that wheelers need to know to roll for fun, or to begin to compete and perform. They will learn the basics of rocking and balancing, tricks with belts (rolling upside down and all the way around) and without belts. As they gain confidence in their wheel tricks they will learn sequences such as those that are used for performances and beginner competition. They will also work on fun tricks with partners, and learn the proper way to look out for and care for their wheelmates.


Step right up and get carried away with spectacular circus activities. Learn skills that have entertained generations under the big top including juggling, aerial arts, acrobatics and the amazing wheel!


If your child has always loved climbing or trying new and adventurous things, then you might want to check this class out! Students are taught basic hangs, climbs, locks and inversions tailored to their individual skills and abilities. 

Advanced & Competitive Classes 


This class is for students who have already mastered the basics at a beginner wheel class or at summer camp, and who want to take their wheel practice to the next level. This class will help to prepare students for the wheel path they want to follow: competitive wheel and/or performance, or simply rolling for fun!

Instructor permission is required



This class is for students who have already gained the foundational skills at a beginner class or at one of our summer camps. Talk with our instructors, or email rolling@chicagowheeljam to see if this class is a fit for you. 

Students are taught more intermediate hangs, climbs, locks and inversions as well as poses and transitions tailored to their individual skills and abilities. Strength, flexibility, and conditioning exercises are also focused on in this class. Choreography will combine dance and aerial elements.

Instructor permission is required


This class is for students who have already mastered the basics and intermediate skills and are ready to train at a higher level, and to prepare for national and international wheel gymnastics competitions. 

Instructor permission is required

Note: To access the competitive schedule, and to register, you'll first need to create an account with iClassPro (our new booking site) and then send us a note in the #competitivetraining Slack channel. 

If you have any questions about our schedule, or have difficulties registering,

please email Wolfgang at wolfgang@cirquesexperience.org or Christian at christian@cirquesexperience.org or call 312-375-5264.


Wolfgang Bientzle



(312) 375-5264


Jesse Dascola

USA Wheel Logistics Coordinator
(312) 810 - 2796


Victor Cerda 


Supervising Tutor 


Christian Ochsner 

Attorney, LL.M.

Administration and Accounting




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